Episode 98 Jennifer E98

Jennifer (41 mins) I was a bit surprised when Jennifer strolled in as she was unannounced, and I hadn't planned to do a casting that day may add, so I had to mentally prepare for it in the matter of minutes. It's ok though because I always keep some reserves in my ball sack for such an occasion, lol. I was thinking I didn't even have a scheduled appointment, as a matter of fact I was just about to knock one out over some footage I'd shot the day before. It became apparent that Jenny didn't speak much english so I had to call my beautiful assistant to help me translate. It did the trick, and it wasn't long before I was complimenting her on her nice pussy hair and lovely set of natural tits, which, may I add, I couldn't wait to start sucking on. She was a natural in front of the camera and wasn't afraid to open her legs for the pussy shots, it was however, a little bit difficult to get her in the right positions but that didn't concern me too much. After a while of snapping I thought it's time to get down to business. She was skilled in the ways of the tongue licking, so much so I didn't really want her to stop, but inevitably she did and then she showed me her other skill set. We bump and grinded for a long while, then time for one of the most glorious cum shots I've had in a while. Fair play she swallowed a lot of man juice this day. Jennifer I salute you, pop in any time you want a cup of tea or a blowjob, haahaha. Episode 97 Ashley E97

Ashley (35 mins) When Ashley came in I thought she was going to be quite a handful. There was something about her thick Russian accent and piecing eyes that made me suspicious. I’d been introduced to Ashley through Silvia one of my good friends that also dabbles in Casting activities. So I knew already that she had aspirations to become a porn actress. Ashley is very in touch with her sexuality and her eyes were just screaming out that she wanted to be fucked. I told her I could use her for fashion shoots and her face was gleaming, when I told her I’d come from Paris her eyes lit up. I asked her about her previous sexual experiences and She’d tried two boys at the same time, anal sex and D.P. I knew she was up for anything, a regular party girl looking for some excitement in her life. Her body was smoking hot, I just wanted to explore every inch of it and more. I got the impression she was getting bored of my questions and just wanted me to take her clothes off and have my wicked way with her. Hey, I’m not complaining. Her ass was magnificent, and I told her straight that when girls like her walk into my office it makes my job very satisfying. She knew how to work her body for the camera and I told her I could get her lots of work. Her technique in the blowjob was amazing although there was a bit of a hairy moment when she put it too deep inside and started gagging on it, for a moment I thought she was going to be sick right there and then. After that small hiccup it was on, and it didn’t take long before her tight asshole was starting to overcome me. I bolted my jizz up her velvet ring. I was surprised that when we were finished she asked me out to drink vodka with her. A true party girl. We went out got smashed doing shots, danced till the early hours and then went back to mine for some out of hours business, lol. Episode 96 Victoria E96

Victoria (38 mins) Victoria the sexy waitress gave me an instant boner when she strolled into my office. Her butt looked so fine poking through her skin tight jeans, I couldn’t wait to see what was laying in wait underneath. She wanted to be a fashion model in magazines, and maybe do some bikini shoots, but I had other things in mind for her…. I told her I was making a movie and that maybe I could get her a role in it if she did what I said. So I had her take her clothes off and act out what I would need from her in a movie. She was lapping it up doing everything I wanted from her. I must say it was a big turn on for me. Another good point about Victoria is that she didn’t have a boyfriend which was great because jealous boyfriends can be problematic. After I baffled the sweet girl with the appropriate amount of bull shit, I moved in for the kill. I told her to use me as a guy in a sex scene and she crawled on top of me and started caressing my body. We had amazing sex, I think she will go far one day when she finds a real agent. Episode 95 Juliette E95

Juliette (39 mins) Fake Agent Holiday Special – This is proof that being a fake agent is a full time vocation, even when I’m on holiday I’m working; that’s the discipline; that’s what it takes. As soon as spotted the gorgeous Juliette I knew I had to get inside her. There was no doubt about it, it was inevitable. The ski slopes would have to wait, there was more important business at hand. She looked amazing, even better tham I remembered her in my mind. I took a gulp of my beer, mustered up the courage and turned on the charm. Before long I got her to agree to meet me in my room in the hotel, and we both knew what was going to happen. I didn’t want her to know that I was filming so I did what any red blooded male would do and put a couple of hidden cameras around the room so I could record the whole thing. I thought she might rumble me when she came in but she didn’t say anything, or maybe she knew but chose to play along. I remember from our last session that she was amazing at giving head. We fucked like troopers with the glorious back drop of the snowy mountains staring down on us… One session just wasn’t going to be enough so we agreed that she would come back the next day to play around some more. This time I convinced her to do anal which I’m highly pleased about because she denied me on our last casting. In the end I came clean about the hidden cameras. She pretended she was unhappy about me recording her, but I know she loved it really, lol. Episode 94 Nicola E94

Nicola (46 mins) Nicola is so young and innocent she looked as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She’s a student with 1 and a half years left on her course who needs money to subsidise her studies. When I asked if she’d ever had kissed a girl she said no, and alarm bells rang, I thought this was the perfect opportunity for her to have her first female kiss. So when my angel assistant, who’d found me this girl, was leaving she gave Nicola a very sexy kiss, which made harder than a sudoku puzzle. It was game on after she left and it didn’t take long until we were getting up close and personal. This girl had a dangerously small pussy it felt like I was slipping my dick inside a apple strudel. I lubed her up with some sex juice. She needed it, I’m not joking, her pussy is so tight. Her lips caressed my Johnson until I was twitching with anticipation.. I was imagining how good her pussy would feel when it contracted on me, and it didn’t disappoint. After some good loving I sprayed my man juice all over her sweet young body…. Glorious. Episode 93 Jane E93

Jane (46 mins) Jane is a smoking hot brunette with come to bed eyes and a highly charged sex drive. She’d seen my ad in the paper and sent me an email saying she would like to get work. In the email she said that she wanted to do a porn shoot with her boyfriend. She was extremely nervous when she came in,which made it difficult to communicate with her. I think it was because of all the cameras on her, so it took me a short while to get her to relax. After a while and some convincing she loosened up and started telling me what she wanted out of this business. She went on to tell me she needed to get work to earn money because she wanted to move to Prague. When she told me that she’d had sexual experiences with other girls I was pitching a tent under my desk, I couldn’t wait to start fucking her. I asked her how many times she had sex in a week, and she responded with about 11 times, that’s a lot by anyones standards. When the initial shyness wore off she was a lot more relaxed, and seemed happy to take her clothes off for my pictures. I could tell she was getting horny by the whole situation so when I revealed my salami she pounced on it. She was great at sucking cock, and was keen to try all the positions that I threw her way. I must say I really enjoyed my Wednesday afternoon with Jane. Episode 92 Natalie E92

Natalie (41 mins) Look out, we have a natural blonde with humongous titties on my couch... happy days. Natalie was turning me on so much with her eyes, she was staring into me and I'm sure was using some type of hypnotism. Fair play it took a lot of convincing for us to get her to take her clothes off and open her pussy. Thankfully I had my beautiful assistant working with me helping to break her down. The problem was that Natalie didn't want to work with guys, she just wanted to do lesbian scenes, which, as you can tell, is no good for me. However, after a bit of sweet talking from me and my assistant she agreed to do the photo shoot and see how she was feeling after that. I got her to use the dildo and get all horny, then I started to strum my cock in front of her. After that, it didn't take long for things to escalate into a full blown sex session. Yes way... As I said previously I think this girl hypnotised me because, strangely enough, I blew my load after about 5 minutes. It was as if the girl had some sort of magical pussy which I was powerless to resist. Luckily she let me go back for seconds so I could redeem myself to some extent. Here's a little message to any guys who work with Natalie: be careful this girl has a dangerous pussy, and in future I'm sure she'll make many men spunk prematurely!